Designer Spotlight: Ryan Korban

I've been obsessed with interior designer Ryan Korban ever since I saw his apartment featured on The Selby last year — look at his room! But I was disappointed to find little to speak of him online. No website, nothing. Hello! It's 2009. Then in October, I found a sneak peek at his portfolio and learned that he designed the offices for his good friend Alexander Wang, and the intrigue skyrocketed!

So I am delighted to see that he's finally launched a website, complete with portfolio photos and a bio. I'm in love with his combination of very polished pieces like silk curtains and crystal table lighters and more rough-around-the-edges things like worn leather sofas and textured zebra rugs. I was baffled to learn that he's actually a self-made, untrained designer; there's hope for us all, right? Take a look at his portfolio and prepare to swoon when you read more.