Designer Spotlight: Ondine Karady

Today's Designer Spotlight goes by the name of Ondine Karady. Ring a bell? That's probably because you've watched her facing challenges and wowing us with her design skills on season two of Top Design. As you may know, Ondine was part of a small team of designers on the set of Sex and the City. Unfortunately for all of us (tear) Sex and the City's television pulse stopped beating, but Ondine moved forward, starting her own eponymous SoHo-based boutique design firm. She's since carried an impressive list of clients, including celebs, Hollywood directors, and Washington political elite. Her firm, OK, also has a collection of custom furniture, ceramics, and hand silk-screened wallpapers inspired by mid-century designs. If that weren't enough to impress, she also designed the sets of Requiem For a Dream and 25th Hour. To see some work from her portfolio, read more.

Be sure to check out her website for more information and photographs!

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