Designer Spotlight: Kristen Buckingham

Blending family-friendly coziness, rocker chic, and Bohemian sensibilities seems only fitting for designer Kristen Buckingham. She is, after all, married to Lindsey Buckingham, guitarist for Fleetwood Mac. The Buckinghams' home is featured in the current issue of Elle Decor, and showcases Kristen's unique decorating style.

Kristen started off her professional life as a portrait photographer, and now has channeled her energies into interior and product design. Their Los Angeles home, which they share with their three children and multiple pets, serves as a design lab of sorts for Kristen's ideas.

To see more of her home, as well as other interiors she's worked on, read more.

Kristen's designs draw from numerous sources, and I admire her bold use of pattern, such as pairing striped wallpaper with a striped upholstered chair. These are personal, fun, and fresh interiors, which provide chic alternatives for family living. After you're through perusing these interiors, make sure to check out her line of products as well.

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