Decorating With Pendleton Blankets at Ace Hotel

Decorating With Classic Pendleton Blankets

This masculine bedroom incorporates a muted gray Pendleton blanket. Matt, who's responsible for the decor of the room, noted, "I did  . . .  pick up this amazing Pendleton blanket from the Ace Hotel Portland from my bud Nick . . . But that only made getting out of bed in my freezing cold room that much harder!"

Oregon-based company Pendleton is known for its colorful, quality woolen blankets. While the company expanded into suiting, women's wear, and other home products since it first formed in the late 1800s, the core of the business is still its blankets. Lately, I've seen Pendleton's designs adorning the hipster set in places as diverse as skate shoes and Urban Outfitters towels. It's about time we take another look at the company, don't you think? Let's explore some of the designs Pendleton has produced, as well as ways these designs have been incorporated into decorating schemes.