DIY: A Tree Branch Jewelry Stand

The branches trend came onto the design scene almost two years ago, and it's still kicking. Su Casa member ckim8120, who is often inspired by nature, put her own spin on the trend by making a jewelry stand out of a tree branch she found outdoors. The only supplies the DIY requires are a tree branch, white spray paint, and newspaper. To learn the steps and see more photos, read more.

Here are the steps to the project, from ckim8120:

  1. Find a large tree branch outside that has lots of offshoots.
  2. Clean the branch to get rid of any dirt.
  3. Decide where you will be putting your branch. If the branch is going to be laying down on a piece of furniture, you will have to break off some of the smaller branches so that the branch has stability.
  4. Spray paint *I used 2 coats*.
  5. After letting the branch dry, start hanging your jewelry!

Pretty neat! Ckim8120 has created some glamorous branch-embellished frames, which are also available for sale. To see them, go here.