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Crave Worthy: Livingstones

I've just been enlightened by Kanye West about a hip bean-bag alternative, Livingstones (inquire for price). Livingstones, designed in 2004 by French lady Stéphanie Marin, are essentially floor cushions shaped like stones, although some equate more to sofas than cushions. They're made of environmentally-friendly, pure, and natural materials like 100-percent Virgin wool and hypoallergenic polysilicone fiber stuffing, and the wool's mineral tints don't use any chemical dyes.
The stones come in a palette of eight shades, mostly neutral aside from a vibrant red, which will accommodate every color scheme. They're also available in a polar-fleece alternative, in three shades, for those who are allergic to wool. Clearly, these cushions are meant for a modern home. But if you can make them work in yours, they're fun for kids and cozy for all. Is it just me or does it seem like the French have a thing for stones?








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