Crave Worthy: Jethro Macey Sideboard

If you told me the words lace, sideboard, white, floral, lacquer, and modern could exist all in one breath, I wouldn't believe you — and I'd likely chastise you for being a tease. But impressively, those adjectives do exist all together . . . in the Jethro Macey Sideboard ($8,000 and up). The white sideboard has a lacquered surface and its doors shine with a textured rose pattern that emulates antique lace. I love how the masculine quality of its clean lines and mid-century-style legs are juxtaposed with the femininity of the rose pattern. It's subtly stunning, and would make killer storage for a modern bedroom, living room, or dining room. Macey also sells concrete lace tiles with the same repeating decorative rose pattern that's a really innovative style of surface design. To see the tiles, read more.

Beautiful, right? Read more about the Lace Tiles here.