Coveted Crib: A Very Modern Development

Can traditional and modern elements successfully mix in a home reno? The answer, according to Saunders Architecture, is a resounding yes. When a family wanted to expand their traditional home, the firm proposed an approximately 100-square-foot extension that would starkly contrast the original home's architecture. Even though this addition was relatively tiny, the space is highly functional and efficient. An open kitchen with glass overlooking the stunning Bergen, Norway, port takes advantage of the views and expands the visual space.

A roof terrace almost doubles the space, while bicycle storage beneath ensures that the family has a safe place to store their two-wheelers. Thanks to a cohesive color palette, which is in one of the traditional colors used in this city's residential district, as well as matched cladding, it's hard to even tell, from a distance, that anything modern has been added at all. To see what I mean, read more.