Coveted Crib: A Sleek Hamptons Home

When it comes to coveted cribs, beach views, sleek modern architecture, and poolside lounging are definitely enviable features. This gorgeous vacation home in East Hampton comes complete with three different water sources: a pond, a solar-heated pool, and views to nearby Barrier Beach.

The home, which was recently renovated, admirably merges the structure with the surrounding landscape. The house is low-slung and nestled into the hillside. Guest rooms are located on one wing that is separated from the main space by a courtyard, which looks out onto the solar-heated pool. The pond is landscaped with native grasses that are drought tolerant, and the home's beautiful nature views are easily seen through its huge expanses of glass doors and windows.

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The house takes advantage of passive solar principles, with its northern side occupied by very few window, which reduces heating needs. A 10 KW solar panel array offsets the home's energy needs, and a ground source heat pump provides efficient heating and cooling.