Coveted Crib: Remodeled to Embrace the Outdoors

Architect Sarah Robinson believes that homes should be inspiring as well as practical. Living in a home built or remodeled by Robinson will likely mean that you will not only have a home that is functional for your daily life, but will also inspire you to live that life more fully. This Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture graduate accomplishes such a lofty goal in many ways, including consideration of how to marry a building site with the building's design.

When she tackled the remodel of a Northern California midcentury modern home, she considered the home's physical location — the side of a hill nestled amongst redwoods and oak trees. The home's original design was blessed with good design, including a classic midcentury-modern design, and mahogany cabinetry, doors, and paneling throughout the structure.

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Robinson and her team added 1,200 square feet of space to the existing home without adding any space to the building's footprint. This meant that the home's outdoor space was preserved, while adding valuable space for the family to spread out. The remodel features a vaulted ceiling with a huge dormer that filters light while ensuring privacy, expanses of glass, and a bathroom that opens to the outdoor space. Check out the gallery to explore this beautiful home.