Coveted Crib: A Paper-Perfect Studio Loft

If I had my druthers, I probably wouldn't choose to live in a studio. But if I had to, I cannot imagine a more perfect space than this studio loft in Lägenhet, Stockholm (which is for sale). With tall ceilings, a bed and extra storage are tucked up high, making for a true living room. The apartment's bright white walls and beautiful natural light expand the space, while a select few gorgeously wallpapered walls give it depth and serious style. The kitchen has streamlined modern white cabinetry and one of my favorite elements: concrete countertops. The bathroom is complete with a towel warmer (woot!), a washer/dryer, and a sharp zebrawood sink basin. And better yet, it boasts what every girl dreams of: a walk-in closet. Take the full tour when you read more.