Coveted Crib: Neal Creek Retreat

Usually, when I share photos of a gorgeous modern home with you, there's little hope of actually staying at that place in real life. Not so with the Neal Creek residence. Located near Hood River, OR, this two-bedroom home is actually available for rent.

Architects Paul McKean and Amy Donohue designed this house to make a minimal impact on the environment. The house's main living space is raised one story above ground, which helps to protect it from flood and brush fire damage while providing patio and storage space below. A green roof helps the home to blend into the landscape.

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The house makes use of renewable, local materials, including cedar siding and cabinetry and an FSC-certified wood floor, finished with vegetable wax. The carpet tiles are composed of natural wool and rubber, and all interior finishes are no-VOC. With Energy Star-certified appliances and highly energy-efficient windows, the home is comfortable and cozy no matter what the season. The Neal Creek Retreat was awarded the 2007 honor award from the American Institute of Architects, Portland.