Coveted Crib: Minimalist Modern in Amsterdam

While minimalism is definitely not my decorating modus operandi, I do envy those who can tightly edit a space to perfection. Such is the case with the Amsterdam apartment of James Webb, a partner, along with Kirstin Gabriëls, in the firm gabriëls webb, a multi-discipline design and architecture office located in Amsterdam.

Although Webb no longer lives in this gorgeous apartment, he writes that having to move out of this space did motivate him to buy his own place, which is, no surprise, lovely as well.

I love the contrasts in Webb's first apartment, from the traditional, wide-planked wood floor with state-of-the-art speakers set upon it to the ornate candelabra set next to an ultra-modern turntable on the mantel. Curious as to what else resides in this modern, minimalist flat? Find out when you read more.

Source: Flickr User P2an