Coveted Crib: The Miller House

While most people associate Indiana with corn fields and basketball, there's amazing modern design to be found in this Midwestern state as well. Take the Miller House in Columbus, IN. Commissioned by J. Irwin Miller, a banker and industrialist, this family home was one of the few private residences designed by Eero Saarinen.

With interior decorating provided by Alexander Girard, and landscaping courtesy of legendary landscape architect Dan Kiley, this home is a stunning example of modern design. While the home has a minimalist, open look, Saarinen made allowances for private space. In the article "Indiana Modern," Martin Fuller notes that "Saarinen 'zoned' the interiors by consigning private functions to self-contained units in the outer corners: widely separated bedroom suites for the owners, their children, and guests, with the kitchen and other services in the fourth quadrant."

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While I love the interiors, including the gorgeous Alexander Girard-designed upholstery and rugs, my eyes stray to the exterior of the Miller House. The landscape's geometric, room-like trees, paths, and hedges are a perfect echo of the home's design. At the same time, however, the landscaping makes its own strong, beautiful statement. For more photos of this home and to find out what role the Indianapolis Museum of Art plays in this home's future, check out the whole article.