Coveted Crib: Lamptastic in London

Any good interior designer will tell you that lighting is everything. But when we regular folk start decorating our homes, it's usually the last thing we think about. Furniture first. And when designers say "lighting is everything," they're not talking about the style of a floor lamp, but the light it gives off. But, if a lamp is unique enough, it can make a room. Take three wild, fringed Victorian lamps, two oversize candelabras, and a set of candlesticks and put them in one room, and you've got it made.
That's what the owners of this eclectic Victorian house in London, which is used for photo shoots, did and I can't help but feel a twinge of "I wish I were cooler" just looking at it. A Shaker rocking chair covered in fabric. A patchwork sofa. A moss-covered loveseat in the garden. This house, with its wealth of theatrical, mix-and-don't-match furnishings set on a solid gray and white background, suggests that overdoing it may be the only way to do it. See more photos when you read more.