Coveted Crib: A Fire Station Home

When a UK couple (a musician and a cook) wanted to make their home a reflection of their creative spirit, they turned to London architect Simon Conder, whose work has included turning barn buildings and granaries into sleek, modern homes. The project: to create a sleek, inspirational home behind the abandoned West London Holland Park fire station.

The architectural solution for the space involved creating a rooftop conservatory in the center of the building plan. This way, the light from the roof could filter down into the rest of the house's floors, permeating all levels with sunlight. A further sense of lightness was added by utilizing glass for flooring. Best of all, the dramatic rooftop conservatory retracts in fair weather, creating a roof garden. With sleek, minimalist design, clever storage solutions such as the home's three-story storage wall, and gorgeous stone staircases, this home is definitely a coveted crib, and a great example of how modern architecture can naturally, and beautifully, fit in with structures from previous centuries.

For more information on this architect, check out Simon Conder; Sensitivity and Invention by Penny McGuire, and for more images of this home, check out the gallery.