Coveted Crib: Calm and Restrained in London

Decorating is not like getting dressed. While buying all the clothes you love will result in a beautiful wardrobe, you must execute restraint when shopping for your home — otherwise your digs will be an uncohesive headache. But that doesn't mean you have to live in a white box or be super matchy matchy.
The owners of this beautiful London home know what I'm talking about. They've chosen a calm, mostly neutral palette with touches of soft color and pattern. There's no more than one element that stands out in each room — a modern blue-wing chair in the living room, a wall of patterned wallpaper in the bedroom — which allows your eyes to rest. Beyond that, the home is accessorized but not overly so. There's no clutter or too many items competing for your attention in one place. Just looking at it, I feel calm. See what I mean when you read more.