Coveted Crib: A Bright and Beautiful West Hollywood Condo

Blending modern and vintage décor, Hollywood, CA, interior designer Michelle Workman used a green and white color palette to create a bright, clean, and inspiring home look for her Connecticut transplant client. The client's traditional pieces were incorporated into the new design and given California flair.

Michelle explains,

[The client] wanted to change the look she had from back East. She wanted white walls and white furniture, but the rest was up to me! With all of the new furnishings, I went with a modern shape so that the only traditional shapes would be from her previous home. The result was bright, cool, and crisp, yet entirely welcoming. We also gutted the kitchen, which had been very traditional, but without any joie de vivre. The result was a simple, clean space with a splash of ornamentation in the hardware.

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