Coveted Crib: Black and White and Modern All Over

I love too many colors and styles to ever go only black, white, and modern, but I applaud he who has the restraint (and the balls) to do it. I spotted this large Georgian house in Tetbury, a small town in — believe it or not — the Cotswolds, and was blown away.
Short of a dab of yellow paint in some artwork and its plush green lawn, the house is all black, white, and gray, and each room is essentially either entirely black or white. This makes matching oh so easy! Is that a cop-out? Beyond that, low-slung, stream-lined furnishings rule, and some modern classics like cowhide rugs and Arne Jacobsen Egg Chairs and glitzy elements like crystal chandeliers and tufted furniture are spattered throughout. It's a very powerful space that's not necessarily what I would personally create for my own home, but I'd kill to stay over a few nights. See more photos and chime in when you read more.