Coveted Crib: An Art-Oriented Home

While most homeowners appreciate well-chosen art as a part of their home's décor, this art-collecting San Francisco family has taken it to the next level. After a complete renovation of this house, the home's interiors are absolutely gallery-worthy. With canvas-ready white walls, the home's closets provide pops of orange, pink, and blue color — a surprisingly playful touch in this artful house. The home was renovated to create an open living plan, although the traditional facade of the house was unaltered. With subdued furnishings and expertly chosen appliances and hardware, the home is a stunning example of the beauty of restraint. According to architects Envelope A + D, "[t]he design seeks to create a heightened level of engagement by blurring the line between normal living and art experience."

What do you think of this home? Do you like the concept of a curated residence? Or is it too austere for you? Check out photos and tell me your opinion when you read more.