Cooper Hewitt 2011 National Design Award Winners

Michelle Obama Celebrates the 2011 National Design Awards With a Luncheon Today — Meet Some of the Honored Guests!

Cooper Hewitt 2011 National Design Award Winners

Just because the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum is closed for renovations through 2013 doesn't mean that the museum isn't throwing its share of events — including the 2011 National Design Awards. Michelle Obama, the honorary patron for the 2011 National Design Awards, is hosting a White House luncheon and ceremony for the awards' finalists and winners today. Before the luncheon, the winners of the 2011 National Design Awards will meet with high school students one-on-one to mentor these aspiring designers in their respective fields. The design award winners include leaders in the fields of fashion, industrial design, architecture, multimedia and graphic design. Let's meet some of the winners in architecture, interior design, landscape design, and fashion who'll be attending today's luncheon with Michelle Obama. For the entire list of winners and finalists, head to the Cooper Hewitt National Design Awards.