Cool Idea: Turn That Frond Upside Down

I fell in love with the topsy-turvy tomato planters when I first found them a year or two ago, but I'm so excited to see the concept taken to a sleeker level.

Ranging in price from $25 to $75, the Boskke Sky Planters are made in New Zealand from black or white ceramic. They're modern, beautiful, and completely unexpected.

Created by designer Patrick Morris, the stoneware ceramic planters can conserve up to 80 percent of the water normally used to water houseplants, thanks to the self-watering system, which only needs to be replenished twice a month at most. These planters are also a great choice for studio apartments, as they free up valuable floor space.

Have you used upside down planters in the past? What was your experience? Do these planters turn your head as well?