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Cool Idea: Stacked Books Table Leg

I recently attended a charity event at the Ted Baker store here in San Francisco. Given that Ted Baker is a purveyor of quirky British design, I wasn't surprised to find that the store itself was chock full of inspiration and original interior design ideas. One of these was a neon-green table with one leg built from a stack of books. Genius!
Not only does the table just look cool, but it offers a fresh way to repurpose dusty old books. To add another dimension of authenticity to the store, the books used were British in nature, such as Britain's Offshore Islands, Great Britain, and Old English Customs. The weight of the metal table on the books and the fact that it had a sliver of metal leg at the top kept the leg from wobbling, but this might not be the case if you used other materials or a different table design. I did a little research and found a DIY for making table legs out of books, which involves drilling a hole through the books to fit a rod through; it's cool too but not as successful visually. The orange table beside it, which I did not get a photo of, had one leg that only went three-fourths of the way and sat on a slightly deflated basketball, which had been filled with cement or sand or something equally weighty for stability. Bloody marvelous.




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