Cool Idea: Spam Mail Wallpaper

When I spotted Linzie Hunter's Spam One-Liners, I thought, "Why didn't I think of that?" Well, apparently Hunter wasn't the only one inspired by her spam box: Italian design studio ToDo created this Spam Ghetto Junk Mail Wallcovering (inquire for price) after being roused by the bizarre subjects and unsolicited offers that flooded their mailboxes everyday.
Look closely at the seaweed-like word bubbles and you'll read phrases like "$99.95 100mg x 30 pills buy now," "Save on generic drugs," "Your wife need your attention," and "Britney strikes again" — have you ever seen a more entertaining wallpaper? What's more is that if you provide the studio your room's dimensions, they can produce a unique design that wraps and folds around all the objects that sit on your wall's surface, making mass mailings one-off. To see closeups of the wallpaper, read more.