Cool Idea: Sorting Garbage Can

If you read my post on the Ovetto recycling bin, you'll know that while I dug the concept of a sorting recycling bin, I hoped for one that blended in better with our kitchens — less of a design statement. Well, I think the Constance Guisset Tri3 may be just the thing. Like Ovetto, this garbage can sorts with one compartment for waste, one for plastics, and another for glass, in addition to a trash bag dispenser. Each compartment opens outward from a central axis via one of three charming blue pedals at its base. Functionally, this design seems to fit the bill — although I might use the discard compartment for cans instead — and it's quite easy on the eyes as well. Resembling a stack of three drum shades, it is modern, but being completely white, it would sit quietly in most kitchens. To see more photos, read more.