Cool Idea: Pickles' Whirl-It Lampshade

Cool Idea: Pickles' Whirl-It Lampshade

Those crafty ladies over at Norwegian crafting site Pickles are at it again. Remember their pattern for knitting the Puff Daddy? Well, if you were too intimidated by knitting and purling, here's a simpler project that boasts a big decorating payoff.

Using simple, inexpensive materials including a balloon, Vaseline, cotton yarn, wallpaper glue, and a marker, Pickles created a gorgeous lighting centerpiece. To see more photos and find out where to get the DIY instructions, read more.

Pickles writes,

We planned to make the lamp using the yarn Garnstudio Ice, but it ran out really quickly, and we had to improvise by using a thinner yarn to complete it. Perhaps it happened for a reason — we really like the contrasts between the yarn quality and colors.

Want to make your own? Get the directions here.