Cool Idea: Invest in Art and Save Desert Habitat

Artist, sculptor, and furniture maker Alma Allen, who I've featured in a designer spotlight post, has partnered with the Mojave Desert Land Trust to celebrate art and conservation. Allen has created two bronze sculptures in editions of 50, each exclusively for the Mojave Desert Land Trust. The sculptures, a tortoise and a rabbit, are two of the animals that depend on this land for their survival. Seventy percent of the proceeds from the sale will be donated to the Land Trust's campaign to support The Quail Mountain Project.

To find out about how you can help, and to see more photos, read more.

The Quail Mountain Project encompasses 955 acres of pristine wildlife habitat in Joshua Tree, CA, just adjacent to the northern boundary of Joshua Tree National Park. Saving this land would help support its diverse population of bighorn sheep, bobcat, desert tortoise, coyote, and dozens of bird species, to name just a few of the creatures that depend on this land for habitat.

This project is immensely personal to Allen, as he and his partner live on the edge of the park in a green home they built themselves. Order one of Allen's charming sculptures (priced at $150 each) to help support this project. Allen also has a show at Heath Ceramics in LA on Nov. 5, and you can check out more of his work here.