Cool Idea: This Gate's Gone to the Dolls

Cool Idea: This Gate's Gone to the Dolls

Berkeley, CA-based construction and furniture company Able + Baker creates custom-made pieces for its clients using sustainable materials and processing techniques. One of its more unique projects was for a friend in need of a custom, and incredibly original, gate.

Josh Ganshorn of Able + Baker notes that the gate was dreamed up due to the fact that the lack of gates and fences had led to passersby "helping themselves" to bicycles and other equipment stored in the backyard of the friend's home. Many of the materials for this project were salvaged, including the beams, some joists, and yes, baby doll heads.

Josh explains,

"The basic structure was easy. I put more effort into the heads. The back of each head was carefully removed, and the face was mounted to a plaque. I tried to mount each head according to its position on the horizontal beam so that each would be looking at a pedestrian coming up the center of the drive. This was important because the eyes of each head are lit and triggered by a motion detector. I spent a little time enhancing some of the heads in other ways. I created a "ring-leader baby head" with handlebar mustache and top hat (made from a frosting container) and a "Baby T," with mohawk and sideburns.

I'm pretty smitten with this project, and I would love to see it at night — I'm sure it scares off potential burglars. It's definitely a unique take on home security, and it's a whole lot more fun than a "This Property Protected by ADT" sign in the front yard. Want to see a closeup of the doll heads? Then read more.