Cool Idea: The Dressler's Decadent Details

Cool Idea: The Dressler's Decadent Details

I don't make it a habit to feature restaurants on CasaSugar, but when the interior design of one blows me away, I feel compelled to share. Take the Dressler, a neighborhood restaurant in Brooklyn, NY. While the Dressler serves a restrained, palette-tempting menu, diners are often equally taken with the eatery's décor. Capable of seating 60 diners, the Dressler's main room is an absolute visual treat. A pretty barstool reveals itself, upon closer examination, to be adorned with fairytale characters; a Baroque chandelier is alive with roosting birds.

Owner Colin Devlin showed great foresight when overseeing the interior design of his restaurant, which was completed by Joseph Foglia Designs. And the real charm is in the details: furniture, lighting fixtures, and accents were all made by Brooklyn Navy Yard artisan sculptors.

To take the full tour, read more.

To check out the restaurant yourself, make reservations through its site.