Cool Idea: Blu Dot Chairs Go Curbside

Live in New York? Want to grab a Blu Dot chair for free? You're in luck, because today and tomorrow, Blu Dot's dropping 25 Real Good Chairs around New York City. Some of the chairs have been enabled with GPS, so you can trace the chairs' progress on Blu Dot's site. You can also follow each chair's progress on Blu Dot's Twitter feed.

Blu Dot explains the inspiration for this project thusly:

When we opened our SoHo store in 2008, we became surrounded by the resourceful culture of "curb-mining": the act of finding furniture and art on the street. Now that a year has passed, our friends at mono approached us with a way to conduct a curb-mining experiment of our own: What would happen if we left a bunch of Real Good Chairs all over New York, free for the take? Who will grab them? Where will they go? How will they get there? What will their new homes look like?

Do you live in New York? Have you spotted any Blu Dot chairs today?