Color Palette Inspiration From Design Hotels

5 Cool Color Palettes to Steal From Design Hotels

One of my all-time favorites, lime green/chartreuse paired with fuchsia, can be found in The Soho Hotel in London.

I painted my living room a bright peacock blue, doused my '60s bamboo dresser in persimmon, and introduced a pair of purple Louis XV armchairs into my home. There's no doubt that I'm a girl who loves color. But as much as I feel like I'm finally fine-tuning my apartment's color palette, I can't help but find more inspiration every where I look. Design hotels in particular are one place where the hues always woo me. Instead of painting over my peacock walls in haute hot pink myself, I thought I'd pass along some color inspiration to you. Check out these five cool color palettes I've spotted in design hotels.