Clawfoot Bathroom Decorating Photos

Bathroom Envy: A Covey of Clawfoot Tubs

This bathroom's spacious size allows the clawfoot tub to take center stage.

Fascinating fact: Nearly 3,000 years ago on the island of Crete, the original version of a clawfoot tub was first created. At five feet long, the tub was made of a hard clay material and looked much like the 19th-century clawfoot tub. Good design lasts forever, and this tub is no exception.

Today, clawfoot tubs can be found in all styles of bathrooms, from country chic to industrial modern and everything in between. With versions of tub designs including traditional roll rim, slipper, double ended, and pedestal, there are a range of looks to choose from. You can purchase clawfoot tubs new, or find a refurbished vintage tub from any number of dealers across the country.

The most fun part about a clawfoot tub, though, is decorating around it! I've rounded up some very different looks that all complement the tub's design. Take a look, and see which bathroom has you longing to add a clawfoot to your home.