Chinoiserie (Chinese and Jewish) Wedding

Real Weddings: East Meets West With Chinoiserie

Mismatched bouquets

This post comes from Casa community member MissHotCocoa, who shared her wedding in the Lovely Little Vignettes group.

A little over a year ago, we had an East-meets-West, Chinese-meets-Jewish (Chewish) wedding.  For us, wedding planning served as an excuse to think through how we wanted to incorporate our cultures and identities into our marriage.  We loved the idea of kicking off our married lives together with a celebration that was as fusion and "Chewish" as our household was going to be, and we carried that mission across everything from our invitations to the decor to our ketubah (marriage contract), and vows.  While it wasn't easy, the end result really meant a lot to our families and friends.  And we had an outrageously fun time!

Photography by Leigh Miller.  Check out more images of our wedding on Doubly Happy Too.