Chelsea Property Features Pool in Living Room

Need a Pool in Your Living Room? It's Yours For $11 Million

Sometimes I'll see an over-the-top house on the market and wonder if its exuberant, odd floorplan had been designed by a hyperactive 6-year-old. That's definitely the case with a Chelsea townhouse currently on the market for $11 million, whose pool-in-the-living-room floor plan seems odd at best. I can almost see the blue prints being drawn in crayon, with a swing sketched above the pool's outline — perfect for cannonballs!
Granted, it's not the type of house that I'd turn my nose up over if I were handed the keys to its front door, but it's definitely not real estate that I'd ever consider investing in. That said, I'm sure there are some covetable features that plenty of other potential home buyers (perhaps playboys with deep pockets?) would appreciate. Besides an eight-foot-deep pool in the living room, the home also features a private roof deck, a solarium greenhouse, a sauna, a library with a wood burning fireplace, and a hot tub in the master bedroom. Seriously, this definitely does seem like the perfect living large bachelor pad, don't you think? Check out more photos of the eclectic abode!
Listed through Core Group, the six-bedroom, five-bath home is spread out over four floors and features six fireplaces. Take a closer look!