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Celebrity Spouses Who Are Designers or in the Design World

How Well Do You Know Celebrity Design-World Spouses?

It's no secret that celebrities have talent (well, some of them). But they're not the only ones who deserve a gold star for their stellar skills. A handful of celebrity spouses or love interests are kicking ass in the design world as interior designers, house flippers, and more. Take the quiz to see if you know them!

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Which actress is married to a craftsman and contractor (who built these shelves)?
Zooey Deschanel
Chloe Sevigny
Parker Posey
Keri Russell
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The better half of which Ocean's Eleven cast member is an interior designer?

George Clooney
Casey Affleck
Matt Damon
Bernie Mac
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Which interior designer is married to a hotel developer?
Ruthie Sommers
Charlotte Moss
Kelly Wearstler
Allegra Hicks
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Which of Woody Allen's past love interests is a house flipper?
Louise Lasser
Mia Farrow
Diane Keaton
Soon-Yi Previn
Homes of the British Royalty
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