Celebrity Homes

10 Celebrity Homes We'd Love to Live In

Annette T. and Alyce D-H. have their eyes on George Clooney's Italian villa.

I often write about celebrity homes here on CasaSugar; whether a famous face is selling or buying, redecorating, or was just published in a favorite shelter magazine, we're all curious about how the other 1 percent lives. Sometimes the intrigue stops right there: at curiosity. Other times, envy ensues. Wondering which celebrity homes still make all of your design-loving hearts go pitter-patter, I took to CasaSugar's Facebook page and asked the question, "What celebrity home would you most like to live in?" From Paula Deen's Savannah country home to Moby's California castle, your favorites ran the gamut.

Click through to see 10 celebrity homes, we'd love to live in — including my own favorite!