Celebrities Who Live in City Apartments

11 Celebrities Who've Settled For City Apartments

Christian Lacroix

Sometimes gawking at celebrity homes gives me an altered sense of reality. And when the realization that a $20 million home with a 13-car garage is not in my future sets in, it can be a downer. That said, these starlets and style-setters who invest so heavily in real estate often do have great taste in interior design. In the effort of bringing myself back to my senses, while still eyeing some real estate porn, I thought I'd take a look back at city apartments owned by celebrities. One-thousand square feet. Two bedrooms with one and one-half baths. The rich and the famous don't always live on sprawling Hollywood Hills estates. Sometimes they settle for small units — rentals, even! — just like the rest of us . . . with nary a 13-car garage in sight.