Casa Verde: Kristin Davis's Eco Choices

Casa Verde: Kristin Davis's Eco Choices

If you're looking for inspiration on ways to go eco chic look no further than Kristin Davis. Perhaps better known as Charlotte from Sex and the City, this celeb is surprisingly green in her lifestyle choices. While it's true that she did drive a Beemer to the Sex and the City movie premiere, her BMW was actually hydrogen powered. While hydrogen vehicles are still in the experimental stage for the general public, research suggests that they may help to curb greenhouse gases, since their use doesn't involve the burning of fossil fuels.

Another eco choice? Well, Kristin is an ambassador with Oxfam, a charity that works to find long-term solutions to poverty and injustice in over 100 countries. Kristin's worked with Oxfam since the South East Asia tsunami in December 2004, first as a donor and most recently traveling on behalf of Oxfam all over Africa.

Kristin's biggest eco change, though, is probably her new solar-powered house, which is currently being built in LA. To see a video of Kristin talking about her house, read more.