Casa Verde: Ali Sandifer Studio

If you love the streamlined look of midcentury modern furniture, but want something that looks at home in your 21st century home, take a look at Ali Sandifer Studio. A furniture company based out of Chicago, Ali Sandifer Studio creates modern, beautifully designed furniture from sustainable sources.

Another thoughtful element of this furniture is that storage — a must-have in modern homes — is integrated into much of the furniture. All of the pieces are hand-produced in-house, so you can rest assured that the pieces are not only beautifully crafted, but that they're made in the USA as well. To see the full collection of Ali Sandifer Studio's furniture, read more.

As far as the company's eco cred is concerned, all furniture is made using domestic woods harvested from sustainable forests. Furniture is finished with natural oils and water-based sealants, avoiding the VOCs associated with veneers and stains.