Casa Verde: Alabama Chanin's Interiors Collection

Casa Verde: Alabama Chanin's Interiors Collection

While I've featured Alabama Chanin before, the design company's site has beautiful new interior pictures that I thought were worth reflecting upon. Alabama Chanin, the collection of designer Natalie Chanin, features clothing and interior decor pieces that strive to be as environmentally sensitive as possible. Organic cotton, natural indigo dyes, and US-made products are all part of the line. The interior collection offers limited-edition pieces for the home that emphasize upcycling. Natali calls the collection "Alabama Studio Style." Right now, Alabama Chanin's collection includes home furnishings as well as decorative pieces.

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All of the lighting and furniture are handmade, artisan creations that were found in vintage shops, flea markets, or scrapyards in the southeastern United States, and then repurposed. Old metal scraps have been transformed into sculptural objects, and farm chairs feature new seats woven from cotton jersey scraps and old ties. Chandeliers made with old lighting fixtures are decorated with cow bones, string, metals, and sticks retrieved from river beds. Ancient, tattered quilts have been washed, patched, and decorated with appliques and decorative stitching, and all of the pillows in the interiors collection are made from 100 percent Certified Organic Cotton from the Alabama Chanin Fabric Line.

If you're interested in seeing more of the interiors collection, check out the online store.