Casa Shops: Spectrum West

I just got an email introducing me to a shop called Spectrum West that sells "post modern acrylic furniture and accessories for the modern home decor enthusiast." As you know, I'm an enthusiast of both acrylic furniture and modern décor, so it sounded right up my alley. Spectrum West is a new venture by Spectrum Limited, a company that's been manufacturing high quality acrylic furniture for 25 years. The vast collection includes acrylic dining tables, console tables, coffee tables, chairs, as well as acrylic accessories and pedestals.

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You'll find many familiar faces in the collection, as certain designs are clearly inspired by classics like the Arne Jacobsen Series 7 Chair (the world's most copied chair), as well as more contemporary pieces like the Essey Illusions Side Table. Though "knock-offs" tend to get a bad rap, it's refreshing to see an iconic design newly envisioned in a transparent material, or a cheerful neon. Spectrum West has plenty of original designs as well, which are worth a gander. The prices are a bit overwhelming though; a set of three basic nesting tables, which you can get at CB2 $199, costs $1,325. I also noticed that in the Spectrum Limited Gallery, their acrylic coffee table (shown above) made its way into the home of Libertine clothing designers Johnson Hartig and Cindy Greene, which was featured in Domino.