Casa Shops: Schoolhouse Electric

Historic homes and buildings like turn-of-the-century schoolhouses are a treasure trove of great design, featuring ornate moldings and classic light fixtures. But unless you stumble upon one of these real estate wonders, it can be difficult and expensive to track down originals or even true-to-form replicas to give your own home historical authenticity.

Enter 150-year-old Portland lighting company Schoolhouse Electric, which was founded when a collection of original cast-iron molds, all but forgotten for more than a half century, was discovered in an upstate New York warehouse. The company now sells over 100 replicas of these fixtures, some of the best examples of true American lighting design, ranging from the early 1900s to the middle of the 20th century. Since its establishment, the lighting company has discovered more collections of art deco, arts and crafts, early electric, transitional, art nouveau, colonial revival, and classic modern molds and fixtures, making it a go-to vendor for all of your luminary pursuits. See more of the fixtures in place when you read more.