Casa Shops: From Sthlm

When I traveled to Sweden, I was stunned by all the gorgeous blondes (and blonds), but I was especially impressed with the country's propensity for good design. Not only were design shops ubiquitous, but even simple, everyday items seemed to have smart aesthetics. Though stylish as well, I'm not referring to traditional folkloric design — or Ikea.

Nevertheless, I was pleased to hear about a new stateside store that showcases (and sells) the work of one independent Swedish designer each month, from Sthlm. This month, the first month, you'll find cutting boards, coasters, and tea towels by pattern designer and illustrator Lotta Kühlhorn are up for sale. Kühlhorn's poppy mixed apple and radish designs are cheerful and colorful. Her simple and bold graphics have a '70s flair that would certainly be welcome in my '00s kitchen. I can't wait to see what else is in store for us!