Casa Interview: Bryonie Porter

Bryonie Porter creates beautiful, brilliantly patterned furniture for her clients. Using both antique and modern furniture, she customizes each piece with wallpaper. For durability, she uses a water-based, environmentally friendly, high-gloss lacquer, which makes these pieces perfect for the hard knocks of everyday living. I recently chatted with Bryonie about her work and background.

CasaSugar: How did you start your business? Can you tell me a little about it?

Bryonie Porter: I started my business by covering pieces for myself at home, and when I saw how impressive the results could be it started from there. I was dealing antiques for a while before I started wallpapering, so I had access to a lot of furniture, which made it very easy to find nice pieces to cover.

CasaSugar: What are some of your favorite wallpaper companies to work with?

Bryonie Porter: I have a few favorite papers. They are made by Cole & Son and by Osborne & Little. I also like a lot of Timorous Beasties' designs as they are so unusual. This Autumn I am hoping to bring out some hand-printed wallpapers of my own.

See what Bryonie has to say about using pattern in your home, and see more of her work when you read more.

CasaSugar: Why do you like to work with wallpaper?

Bryonie Porter: Wallpaper is great as the right designs work so well on furniture. Personally, I would rather have my walls plain and my furniture and accessories very decorative, and also if you move then you can take it with you, but if you put it on the walls then it's very final — you can't move it once it's up!

CasaSugar: What are some of your favorite projects that you’ve tackled?

Bryonie Porter: I am currently wallpapering a piano for someone — that's pretty cool. I did a chest of drawers for a client that had a map of the world on it and that was great. I've also just done a UK map bureau for Selfridges which looks fantastic. Both of these pieces were very educational as my geography is rubbish!

CasaSugar: Do you have any advice for people who are shy about using pattern? How can they test the waters?

Bryonie Porter: Using patterns can be daunting, but I think if you like something you just have to go for it. Personally I like large, bold prints and enjoy the dramatic effect they have. It's a great way to change the look of a room or a piece of furniture.