Casa Beta: Yumi & Lauri blanQuette

Casa Beta: Yumi & Lauri blanQuette

Interested in a throw that's a step above the ordinary? Then try the Y&L blanQuette, a lightweight blanket resembling an oversize plush Turkish towel. Made of 50 percent organic cotton and 50 percent bamboo, the blanQuette measures in at a generous six-and-a-half by almost five feet wide. It's available in five different collections: The St. Moritz, Nevis, Laguna, Milan, and Furano, which each feature varying colors and patterns. Each blanQuette sells for $195 to $235.

Yumi & Lauri was founded by mother and entrepreneur Laurie Suzuki, who was inspired to turn Turkish towels into something more luxurious and versatile — which led to the birth of the blanQuette. Her commitment to eco-friendly practices also contributed to the organic content of the blanQuette.

I recently had the opportunity to test out a blanQuette from the Laguna collection. To hear my thoughts on it, read more.

I loved the deep purple color of the Laguna blanQuette, as well as the paisley pattern (see photo) imprinted on the plush organic cotton and bamboo threads. The white piping outlining the blanQuette also nicely framed the throw. I was impressed by the plushness of this product.

While it is an unusual, unexpected choice as a throw, this makes it perfect for home decorators who are looking to add a punch of color and interest to a room. I definitely think this would be a great accessory for a beach cottage, ski chalet, or other vacation home. Its lively color and unusual texture makes it perfect for these destinations. My only concern about the product was the smell of the blanQuette when I first received it — even though this is an organic product, it had a strong chemical scent. I immediately washed the blanQuette with some Ecover, and the smell disappeared. I can also say that even with line drying, the blanQuette seemed soft, which is definitely impressive. Overall, I'd definitely recommend the blanQuette for home decorators interested in integrating an eco-friendly, unexpected element into their homes.

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