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Casa Beta: Ordering Furniture Online

Way back in early September, I ordered a sofa and chair from Macy's. I'd been looking for a new sofa for several months, and with the killer deals at Macy's annual Columbus Day Sale, I took advantage of the reduced prices on furniture and grabbed the Corona sofa and chair, whose modern lines and dark color appealed to both my design sensibilities and my dog ownership. Unfortunately, as is often the case with ordering furniture online, the pieces I wanted were on backorder, and they wouldn't arrive in the warehouse until November.

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When I called Macy's in November to check on the status of my furniture, I was dismayed to learn that my furniture was again on backorder! The nice woman on the phone, who took my annoyed questions in stride, told me to call back in two weeks. Luckily, two weeks later the furniture was in the warehouse, and we were able to set up a delivery date. Macy's gave me a three-hour window within which their delivery guys would arrive, and I headed home early from work one afternoon to meet them.

The Macy's deliverymen arrived well within the allotted time and worked quickly. From arrival to departure, they were at the home for no more than 10 minutes! They were speedy and efficient, and the furniture had surprisingly little packaging — there was some plastic wrapping, and recyclable cardboard encasing the removable feet, but that was about it.

I'd recommend furniture delivery from Macy's or a similar retailer with a few caveats:

  • Be prepared to wait several months for your furniture to be delivered.
  • You may have to take time off of work to meet the delivery truck at your home.
  • If you're easily frustrated by unforeseen delays, or if you need the furniture by a certain date, it may be better to buy new furniture directly from a shop that can deliver the furniture immediately.

What's your experience with furniture delivery been like? (And on a sidenote, no, that's not how we arranged our living room — it's just how it looked in the immediate aftermath!)







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