Casa Beta: Fête Mirror Box

New York-based event planning and design firm Fête will soon debut the first product in its home design line, a mirrored plexiglass candle holder, and sent me one to review. The Mirror Box ($56) has a rectangular acrylic base and mirrored plexiglass sides, which are designed to reflect the flame of tealights lit inside (it comes with 10). When lit, the candles reflect off of the mirrored sides, creating the illusion of dozens of candles, or hundreds, depending on which angle you look at it from. The firm created this box as a solution to "no open flame" event venue regulations, which require candles to be enclosed.

As you can see, the box really does create a beautiful, ambient effect (this is my photo!). I lit mine for a cocktail party recently and my guests wouldn't stop asking about it. When it's not lit, it's just a simple rectangular box that's not very interesting looking, so I'd recommend storing it. Fête will have addtional black lace and hemp ray designs available for $66, which might be more aesthetically pleasing in the daytime. But it's a glam thing to pull out just for parties to light a bar area or maybe your guestbook sign-in area, if you have one. It'd also look gorgeous if you lined two or three up along the center of your dinner table. Obviously using mirrored plexiglass allows the box's sides to be both transparent and mirrored, but I wish the material were more substantial; it feels a bit flimsy. Check out more photos below!