Brocade Home Designs Rock and Roll Hall of Fame VIP Room

Brooding and full of teen angst, the only good thing that came from my trip to Cleveland when I was young was a visit to the I.M. Pei-designed Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Thus, I have a soft spot for the music-eum, and I'm delighted to hear that it opened an annex in NYC late last month. Of course, the museum celebrated with a slew of celebrities in tow, but it's open to all of you regular folk seven days a week. If you're in SoHo, you can stop by to enjoy multiple galleries spotlighting
hundreds of music revolutionaries, as well as key cities that have helped shape the history of rock and roll. The annex called in one of its sponsors to design the VIP room, which should be a familiar brand to you Casa readers, Brocade Home. Brocade's glitzy, polished look was a shoo-in for the VIP rock star lounge. But if you're not a "very important person," you can surely pick up any of these furnishings for yourself at Brocade Home. To see more photos of the space, read more.

I like the look of the ambient lighting mixed with Brocade's glam rock furnishings. Although a little bare, I think it's pretty fab, don't you agree?