Breaking Dawn Honeymoon House Decor

Inside Bella and Edward's Honeymoon Island Home

Inside Bella and Edward's Honeymoon Island Home

The honeymoon home featured in Breaking Dawn is actually a real-life vacation spot near Mamangua Bay, between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, Brazil called Casa Paraty. Many of the honeymoon scenes from Breaking Dawn were shot at the home, while others were shot on a soundstage in Louisiana, according to a new article in Architectural Digest.

The house was designed by Thiago Bernardes and features an amazing array of amenities, including a private beach, exclusive boat or helicopter access, and sprawling, tropical interiors that are sure to impress guests — whether they be human or vampire.

Take a look at some shots from the film and compare them with the actual real-life interiors of the home — which you can rent for $7,000 a night.