Book Release Party For Meg Mateo Ilasco's Crafting a Meaningful Home

San Francisco Celebrates Meg Ilasco's New Book

Last night, San Francisco store Rare Device hosted a book release party for Meg Ilasco's lovely new book, Crafting a Meaningful Home.

The DIY-centric book, which features 27 projects from artists and craftspeople across the country, was literally represented in living color: many of the projects from the book were actually on display at Rare Device. In this photo, Meg poses in front of a cardboard fireplace displaying two projects from the book, including her piece "Folk Art Replica," a modern take on traditional Filipino folk dancers.

Works from the book were displayed on a cardboard background that replicated the walls and fireplace of an actual home. This clever look was a nod to the set design in the Print Is Not Dead video, a group collaboration that was used as a promotion for Meg and Anh-Minh Le's new publication, Anthology magazine. Be sure to pick up a copy this month, and if you haven't seen the video yet, be sure to watch it — it's darn pretty.

Check out photos of the projects displayed at the book release party!

Take a look at the gallery for some photos of the event, as well as projects that were on display. Then buy a copy of Crafting a Meaningful Home. I've loved reading every page of my copy, and I'm dreaming about all of the DIY projects I'm going to make for my home from the book.